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Let’s just say that WordPress has always been my bread & butter…

My name is Christien Paul and I am a freelance WordPress consultant. I discovered WordPress (WP) in college when I started building EPKhosting.com (a web hosting platform for bands). Over the years I started working with festivals, labels and other music industry professionals honing my craft as a WP developer. It got to the point where I would say no to anybody who wanted my help unless their site was built with WP.

The next phase of my career as a web developer lead me into the world of search engine optimization with a focus on Google. I joined an agency as an SEO Strategist and learned the ins & outs of all their marketing products such as Analytics, AdWords & Webmasters.

Shortly after, in an attempt to stream-line my productivity I began hosting all the sites I was working on myself. This saved me countless hours with technical support and unnecessary learning curves. So by the end of my first decade as a web designer, I graduated to webmaster or as I’d like to call it, a WP Chef. My goal is to have clients all over the world, for now my WordPress design company is focused on all the English and French speaking countries of the world:

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